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Establish a Branch in Albania

Establish a Branch in Albania

A foreign company may open a branch in Albania, following the regulations of the “Law 9901 dated April 14, 2008 on the entrepreneurs and commercial companies”.

A foreign company must be aware that a branch is not considered a legal entity in Albania but may perform activities in the name of the parent company and has to pay local and national taxes. As a particularity of the Albanian law, it’s mandatory to register the branches at the National Registration Centre.

The registration of a branch can be performed by the branch’s representative, by the representative of the parent company or by the authorized person in such matters and doesn’t take longer than five working days if all the documents are properly submitted.

After notarizing the company’s incorporation documents, the applicant must deliver specific information and documents to the National Registration Center.

The requester must provide some mandatory information: the name of the branch, the branch’s duration (if it’s a temporary opened one), the branch activities, details regarding the ownership, the address of the official seat, other address where the branch is performing business activities.

Besides this information, the representative must provide information regarding the parent company: the name and type of company, the date of registration, the duration period, address of registration, the unique number of registration, the amount of capital, the head office’s address, type of performed activities.

Other information that has to be submitted are concerning the representative of the foreign company, the administrators, details regarding the person authorized to register the branch(mandatory if it’s not registered by the branch’s administrator or the parent company’s representative).

An Albanian branch may also provide voluntary information regarding the web site, email address, telephone number, fax number, logo or the commercial name of business.

A declaration for tax, social and health insurance and labor purposes must also be submitted by the branch.

Attached to the above, the following documents must be submitted to the NCR: the articles of incorporation, the certificate of registration of the parent company, a proof that the company is in good standing and a notification if the company is in bankruptcy or in liquidation, the last year’s balance sheet of the parent company, the decision of opening a branch and the decision of appointing the branch’s administrator, the administrator’s ID and his authorized signature and if necessary the representative ID and a documents which grants him the permission for submitting the application(the last two only if the application is registered by another person than the branch’s administrator).

As a result, NCR will provide a unique registration number for the branch and will register it in Albania, for the specific social, health and labor insurances.

After this step, the branch established in Albania must also register for the specific taxes at the Municipality Bureau of Internal Revenue. 

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